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Classic Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individual lashes that are designed to replicate a natural eyelash. Each eyelash extension is curved with a thicker base that gradually narrows to a point. Extensions are applied on a 1:1 lash-by-lash basis for a totally natural look. The result is a set of luscious yet natural appearing eyelashes. When properly applied, eyelash extensions can last four to eight weeks.

Initial Set

Approximately 100 extensions per eye are applied.

105 minutes$349.00

Mini Re-lash

A mininum of 75% of lashes must be remaining

30 minutes$100.00

Standard Re-lash

At least 50% of lashes must be remaining

60 minutes$150.00

Extended Re-lash

At least 25% must be remaining

90 minutes$195.00

Bottom Lashes

Complete your look with bottom eyelash extensions! This service is available as an add on to an Initial Set or Re-lash.

Initial Set$50.00
Relash  Time for a Little Luxury$25.00

Color Enhancements

Add color to your lashes! Colors available are green, blue, purple and red. There is no charge for brown.

0 minutes  Time for a Little Luxury$20.00

Eyelash Extensions Removal

Complimentary removal with any new set of lashes

30 minutes$50.00

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

These lashes are a combination of the classic 1:1 extensions and 2D/3D volume lash extensions. This is a great option if you have sparse natural lashes and would like to fill in gaps and add volume.

Initial Set


2 hours$399.00

2D-6D Custom Volume Eyelash Extensions

The ultimate lashes!

This multi-lash pickup technique originated in Russia and is used to create a dense lash line without compromising the integrity of your natural lashes. As the focus is on volume and not length, the selected extensions will be just a tad longer than your natural lashes.

2D/3D Russian Volume

This is a great choice for people who have sparse natural lashes. This creates the appearance of naturally beautiful, lush and dark lashes. 2-3 thin eyelash extensions are added to your natural lash.

2.25 hours$449.00

3D/6D Russian Volume

This when you want a dramatic lash look; full, lush, dark, long. 3-6 thin eyelash extensions are added to your natural lash. This option is only available to people with strong natural lashes.

3 hours$549.00

Initial Set - 2D/3D Volume

Approximately 250 Extensions per eye are applied.

2.5 hours$449.00

Initial Set - 3D-6D Volume

Approximately 450 extensions per eye are applied.

3D-6D Initial Set$549.00

Lash Rehab™

If you have damaged eyelashes from poorly applied eyelash extensions, the extended wearing of cluster lashes, the extended use of mechanical lash curlers then Lash Rehab is for you.

Lash Rehab™ w/ Classic

This package includes the initial consultation, GrandeLash™ Eyelash enhancer and removal of existing eyelash extensions or clusters. You will be booked for a follow up appointment after 2 weeks and an application of a Classic set of lashes 2 weeks thereafter.

0 minutes$449.00

Lash Enhancements

Lash Tinting: Tinting is a great way to darken your lashes and/or brows. Choose from an array of colors including black, brown, auburn.

Lash Lift: Unlike lash perming this procedure lift the lashes from the root and creates that "just curled" look. This lasts about 6-8 weeks and can be a great alternative to eyelash extensions. If you have light colored lashes it is best to add a tint for even better results.

Lash Lift

Lash Lift: This is a great way to give your lashes the appearance of a freshly curled look for about 6-8 weeks.

Lift and Tint: The best of both worlds. Darken and lift your lashes for about 4-5 weeks. This is a great alternative to eyelash extensions.

Lash Only Lift$95.00
Lash Lift and Tint$125.00

Brow Tinting

Tinting is a great way to darken your brows. Choose from an array of colors including light brown, auburn and dark brown.


This is a great way to darken for about 4-5 weeks.

Brow Tint$35.00